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UNT grad blends cinema, early music in cutting-edge DFW music company

Julianna Emanski dreamed of getting a performance degree, but the Grammy-nominated soprano followed her parents’ advice to study music education.

After graduation, Emanski took her craving to perform and her teacher’s love of learning and created a new company. Lumedia Musicworks is a young Dallas-Fort Worth company that braids baroque music into cinema and live performance.

“I love ensemble singing and the baroque style,” Emanski said a few days out from the company’s live performance of Stabat Mater. The Lenten concert was performed and streamed from St. Monica Catholic Church in Dallas. “I have a lot of ideas but no one took them seriously. The flair of performing, how stuff was presented, that was something I was really interested in. All the things you don’t think about when you think of a recital or a classical music concert. What about the venue? And maybe we should walk down the aisle? I had all of these ideas, but it wasn’t something I could put into action. I saw a way to bring two sides together. The concert version side, and really creating an atmosphere for people on the other.”

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Julianna Emanski, who earned her doctorate in music entrepreneurship and vocal pedagogy from the University of North Texas College of Music, founded Lumedia Musicworks in 2017.

LUCINDA BREEDING can be reached at 940-566-6877 and via Twitter at @LBreedingDRC.


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