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"Emanski delivered alternating recitatives and arias with a delightfully clear ring in the higher registers that filled the space well. Her coloratura was precise, expressive, and gorgeous, while still maintaining a thematically appropriate sense of darkness and depth that brought dimension to the program." - Richard Oliver, Theater Jones

"Simply to die for. This was like a flourless dark chocolate cake paired with a bad-boy Cab Sav." - Paul Carey, Musical Mayhem



"The duet artists on the Esenvalds--absolutely exquisite voices!"

- Paul Carey, Musical Mayhem


"The tender-voiced soprano Julianna Emanski was a wonderful Priestess with her light and delicate vibrato. Emanski stood out especially in the aria “Quel bruit nouveau se fait entendre” (What new noise makes itself heard?) in which a series of musical mood changes introduce the arrival of Apollo." 

- Neils Swinkels, San Francisco Classical Voice

"The performance under founder-director Jeffrey Thomas was lucid and effective. Of the six vocalists we heard, the most memorable were countertenor Brennan Hall, singing some solos usually done by mezzo-sopranos, and lyric soprano Julianna Emanski." - ArtsSF

"Indeed, so exquisite is the music and so wonderful is the South Dakota performance that the first time I listened I immediately replayed the track. The piece calls for two soprano soloists to soar ecstatically over the sound of the rest of the choir and the two sopranos here, Natalie Campbell and Julianna Emanski, sound simply gorgeous, their voices pure and clear."

- John Quinn, Music Web International 

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